“What exactly is a live masterclass??”

It’s a 3-hour session with me and a total of no more than 12 attendees.  It’s intimate and casual and will rely heavily on questions from YOU. These live masterclasses are a way for me to connect one on one with people who have a passion for drumming, recording, and this whole insane music business in general.  

I will have a drum kit there and mics set up so that if people want to ask about recording specifics, then we can dive into that head on. If the talk becomes more about actual playing and technique or building parts for a song, that’s cool too.  Sometimes, we focus a ton on the business aspects since some of you are working musicians and/or engineers.  With that said, one portion will definitely be dedicated to opening up a few Logic sessions in front of everyone and breaking down certain songs I’ve played on so that you can see exactly how some of these tracks are created, layered and mixed.  

I’ve done these in the past and they can go many different ways and that’s what I love about them. I just want to be sure to address people’s questions and concerns, whatever they may be. Sometimes these become group therapy!  Either way, they will be a lot of fun and I promise whatever happens, you’ll get something good out of this experience.

There will be a total of 3 classes for each of the dates (Nashville and LA) so these spots will fill up quick.  To book your spot and/or get more info, contact the wonderful and communicative Cindi Williams at and she will take care of everything from there.